The Art Basel and UBS Art Market Report for 2021 found that the art market (and the behaviours of the artists, collectors and dealers who comprise it) changed drastically in 2020. Studio schedules, sales platforms and exhibition models had to adjust and adapt to a socially distanced world1. As a result, the way art is made, viewed and collected has shifted notably; this is the new normal.

newnormalprojects was created in response to this new environment, and with the objective of providing a space within it to engage with and collect art. The three primary branches of the project are: Editions2, (Perspectives)3 and Pop-Up4.

Souces and Links

1  www.artbasel.com/about/initiatives/the-art-market
2  www.shop.newnormalprojects.com
3  www.newnormalprojects.com/perspectives
4  www.newnormalprojects.com/pop–up