Oh My! What a Lovely Basket of Fruit!
06 July — 15 July 2022
“Oh My! What a Lovely Basket of Fruit!”, is a 10-day art exhibition and performance programme in support of The Outside Project - an LGBTIQ+ Community Shelter, Centre and Domestic Abuse Refuge.

The exhibition will be made up of works by various queer artists and allies, with 50% of the proceeds going to the artists and the other 50% going to the Outside Project. The performance programme will be made up of two separate events, consisting of live music, performance and poetry.

This is an entirely queer-led project that holds huge significance to us. It is a celebration of queer creating and a cycle of exchange, giving to one another when we are able to in order to support those who need it most.

Exhibition Text
An ode to blight!
Oozing with anger and cultivating pleasure.
Sweet, sentimental and tangy, especially to excess.
It’s time for the harvest, the moon is full and the plums are brimming and ready to burst.

Overripe and sweating we agree to hold one another until it’s all over.
Or at least until the morning light.

We allow room for tragedy, mourning the loss of the perfectly tender figs that now lie fermenting on the pavement.

We gestate grapes into wine, exchanging the fruits of our labour through kisses and singing praises to Dionysus. Bless me with blooms of lavender, blooms of pansies and anoint me with their essence.

For we may be bitter at the pith, but, we are anything but sterile.

So you may gaze upon us and exclaim:
Oh My! What a Lovely Basket of Fruit!

Particiapting Artist

Elsa Rouy
Jennifer Nieuwland
Polina Pak
Shakil Solanki
Archie Campbell
Noemi Conan
Lindsey Jean Mclean
Omer Ga’ash
El Samms
George Lee
Molly Benge
Lucile Haefflinger


06 July 2022, 18h00


Studio 109, Netil House, 1 Westgate St, London, E8 3RL

Open Times
By Appointment