Out of the Frying Pan and into the Woods

13 October — 17 October 2021
Exhibition Text
Something’s out of place,
A scene constructed from one cup of the familiar and 100 grams unknown.
The kettle whistles in the background.  
Your belly is full, about to pop like an over-pumped exercise ball. 
Sweat on your upper lip and plum juice dripping from your lower.
Sweet and Salty.
You climb out from under the kitchen table.
Throw on your cowboy boots.
Time to get to work. Being a full-time forest Nymph is hard work!
Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Woods!

New Normal Projects are pleased to announce their debut exhibition in London; Out of the frying pan and into the woods, curated by Caitlin Fleming. The show brings together four women artists working within the medium of painting, dealing with themes of pleasure, decadence, emotional catharsis and the implied distance between the human world and nature.

Out of the frying pan and into the woods, it feels like 2021. We may be out of the frying pan, but we’re not out of the woods just yet. It is a pursuit of pleasure, a release of emotions and an exploration of both the sublime and the fictional.

Artist Caroline Wong dissects the decadence of female pleasure through food and friendship in her large glucose coloured works. Her imagery subverts the traditional restricted representations of East Asian Women. Wong celebrates the gluttony of desire and is having fun doing it.

Noemi Stysiak Conan sheds light on pursuits of pleasure and desire through her paintings based on her experiences growing up in 1990’s Poland. Drawing on memories of witnessing the surge of sex workers operating in the woods of the East-West borderlands, Conan explores themes of “Feral forest feminisms” through her vibrant depictions of dissident women as they nonchalantly stare back at you.

Faye Eleanor Woods interacts with extreme emotional catharsis within her work. Her work is ominous in tone, but a sense of humour lies within the subject matter. From ear cigarettes to sitting naked under the dinner table, she explores what it means to find release in all forms of feeling.  

Ruby Swinney’s work deals with the sublime and the fictional. She creates her work through a process of collage by constructing images from her own photographs to make undiscoverable places. Swinney aims to start a conversation about the perceived distance or rather disconnect between the human and the natural world. Her work foregrounds the anxiety over our vanishing natural world.

After so many days and nights bound to our domestic settings, we invite you all to join us in the woods.

Particiapting Artists

Noemi Stysiak Conan
Ruby Swinney
Caroline Wong
Faye Eleanor Woods


Caitlin Fleming


13 October 2021, 18h00


147 Stoke Newington High Street
London, N16 0NY

Open Times

11h00 – 18h00    Mon-Fri
11h00 – 15h00    Sat-Sun